Blackford County Schools
Students board a school bus

Blackford County Schools

Our corporation proudly serves children and youth from kindergarten through the twelfth grade in our friendly and academically excelling five schools. From reading readiness, math facts, and honors classes to interscholastic athletics and clubs, the schools in our district prepare the children of our community for high school graduation, higher learning, and career opportunities.

Our Schools

Blackford High School (Grades 9–12)
2392 North State Road 3 N.
Hartford City, IN 47348
Phone: 765-348-7560
Fax: 765-348-7568
School Improvement Plan - Blackford High School

Blackford Junior High School (Grades 7–8)
820 West Van Cleve
Hartford City, IN 47348
Phone: 765-348-7590
Fax: 765-348-7593
School Improvement Plan - Blackford Junior High School

Montpelier School (Grades K–6)
107 East Monroe Street
Montpelier, IN  47359
Phone: 765-728-2402
Fax: 765-728-2403
School Improvement Plan - Montpelier School

Northside Elementary (Grades 3–6)
400 East McDonald Street
Hartford City, IN 47348
Phone: 765-348-7595
Fax: 765-348-7594
School Improvement Plan - Northside Elementary

Southside Elementary (Grades K–2)
1515 South Monroe Street
Hartford City, IN 47348
Phone: 765-348-7584
Fax: 765-348-7580
School Improvement Plan - Southside Elementary