Blackford County Schools

Blackford Online School at MES



BCS believes that the best instruction for all students relies heavily on face to face interaction with a highly qualified, skilled teacher. BCS also understands that our uncertain times will create concerns for parents regarding a return to school, and that a virtual option is necessary for the 2020-2021 school year.

Program Outline:

●Students will work independently on projects, activities or interactive online programs at flexible times.

●Students will have an instructional program that is computer based. Online or phone meetings will be required of all students.

●Kindergarten thru 5th grade will use Calvert Learning and 6th grade will use Courseware.

●Students will be required to be online daily Monday through Friday at flexible times for online instruction, practice, and office hours. Meeting times will be scheduled and communicated to students and parents in advance.

●In addition to the set times, teachers will have virtual office times for help and support.

●Students will be issued a Chromebook for use at home as part of this program.

●Students will participate in all state and local assessments that are required of traditional enrollment students.

●Students may participate in extra-curricular activities in grades K-8.

● In order to be counted present for the day students will need to access the program daily.

Parents agree to:

●Support learning in the home.

●Ensure students are online at required times for online instruction, practice, and teacher directed meetings.

●Ensure students are completing assignments and activities

●Contact teachers during the set windows for questions and support.

●Provide internet access to students.

If you have any questions please contact Jim Fox, Blackford Online School at MES Principal at 765-728-2402 or email at jfox@blackfordschools.org