Whether you are are a long-time community member or new to our area, we welcome you to Blackford County Schools. You are about to embark on a wonderful journey with caring educators who will bring out the best in your child every day.


Blackford County Schools utilizes ‘Skyward’ to register all current and new students. The 2021-2022 fall registration and new student registration are located on the left, under Registration Links. Please follow the appropriate link to register your student.

New Students

Blackford County Schools requires the following documents when you register your child:

  • Original Birth Certificate

  • Proof of Immunizations

  • Proof of Residency (utility bill)

  • Records from previous school (if transferring)

These forms can be uploaded into the new student registration portal or bring the documents with you to the school. (Please bring records from previous school.)


We support the school immunization requirements determined by the Indiana State Department of Health. As such, we are required to verify the immunization status of each student on a yearly basis. Please take a look at the Immunization Requirements document at the side of this page to be sure your child’s immunizations are current.


Blackford Jr.-Sr. High School (7–12)

At Blackford High School we have multiple class offerings and pathways that are recognized as top in the state. We have an outstanding staff that support our students and believe every student can be successful. The high school has an open door policy, so feel free to stop by or call with any questions from academics to athletics, and we will be more than happy to provide answers. Thank you for your interest in Blackford High School. We look forward to meeting your educational needs.

At Blackford Junior High School (BJHS) we work hard to promote and foster classrooms that support achievement, motivation, and self-advocacy. We provide a loving and caring atmosphere with a safe and nurturing environment. With passionate teachers, we provide strong instructional leadership in the classroom and a strong curriculum that helps to deliver great outcomes. Blackford Junior High focuses on the well-being, development, maturity and progress of all learners. The school provides many opportunities for students to earn high school credit through agriculture, introduction to chemistry and physics, and algebra courses, as well as a wide variety of elective offerings ranging from band and choir (along with show choir) to computer science, physical education, and art classes. As you can see, BJHS is ready to meet the educational needs of your student.

Montpelier School (K–6)

At Montpelier School we promote and foster classrooms that support learning and motivation. We provide a loving and caring atmosphere with a safe and nurturing environment. With passionate teachers and small class sizes, we provide strong instructional leadership in the classroom and a strong curriculum that helps to deliver great outcomes. Montpelier focuses on the well-being, development, and progress of all learners. We provide great support for students, families, and our community through our Community Day celebrations and school clubs.

Blackford Intermediate School (3–6)

Northside Elementary School's mission is: "Turning today's learners into tomorrow's leaders through excellence." The Northside community believes that all students should be challenged to reach excellence academically, physically, and socially within a safe, nurturing environment. Through quality instruction, communication, and technology, students will be encouraged to become self-directed life learners and contributing members of an ever-changing society. Leaning gives us power to shape the future.

Northside has been ranked as an "A" school by the Indiana Department of Education for seven of the last eight years.

Northside Elementary (K–2)

The theme at Southside is “Learning under construction.”

We will provide all of our skilled workers with a strategic set of tools to build successful futures. The foundation of literacy will be constructed on the building blocks of phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, accuracy, vocabulary, and comprehension. Our thinking caps will take the form of hardhats, and our tool belts will be equipped with the best instructional practices. Together, we can construct a crew of voracious readers and lifelong learners.

School Supply Lists

Our school supply lists are now available for the 2021-2022 school year. Click the link above.