Blackford Bruin

On Wednesday, March 1, all juniors will be taking the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) at BJSHS during regular school hours. The SAT is a mandatory requirement from the Indiana Department of Education. Make-up dates are March 2, March 3, April 12-14 and April 18-19. 

Freshmen, sophomores and seniors will have an E-Learning day and will not report to school on March 1. This will be an “asynchronous learning day”, meaning that students will not meet during a specified time with a specified teacher. Instead, teachers will post assignments on Google Classroom by 10:00am and students will complete work on their own time. Work will be due the following day or when assigned by teachers. Juniors will take the SAT in the morning and then have the afternoon to work on assignments posted from earlier in the day. Juniors will be permitted to leave after testing if their parents/guardians call in or they are signed out in the office by a parent/guardian. 

Seniors who attend the Muncie Area Career Center will need to attend their MACC class at the regularly scheduled time. The MACC bus will leave BSJHS at the normal time on this day. 

Junior High students will have a regular day and should report to school as normal on March 1.