Montpelier Mayor Kathy Bantz and BCS Superintendent Chad Yencer

During Tuesday evening’s meeting, the Blackford County School Board approved a Resolution to transfer all BCS properties located in Montpelier to the Montpelier Redevelopment Corporation. The transaction includes the former Montpelier Elementary School building, parking lots and football field.

For the past several months, BCS has been working closely with Montpelier administration to make the transfer a reality.  The transfer will allow for the city to determine the best use of the properties for the future.

 “We are pleased that the Montpelier Redevelopment Corporation has chosen to accept this transfer from Blackford County Schools,” said Superintendent of Schools Chad Yencer. “The board thought it was very important that the city had a say as to the future for the former school building and football field.”

Montpelier Mayor Kathy Bantz agreed adding, “The former school building is part of our City’s history and a valuable asset for the community. I’m sure many former graduates will be thrilled that we have the opportunity to preserve it.  We thank Blackford County Schools for this opportunity and believe it will play an important role in the future growth of our community.”

Members of the Montpelier Redevelopment Board include: Richard Sills, president; Jack Moore, vice-president; Doug Richardson, Jesse Johnson, and Kathy Bantz, secretary.

Members of the school board include: Phil Jones, president; Troy Kaufman, vice-president; Jimmy Lytle, secretary; Scott Malott and Chris Smith.