Amazing Glaze

     Hartford City bakery, Amazing Glaze, opened just this year and is a business started by (entrepreneur) Jessica Sharp. The bakery has a variety of drinks and pastries from doughnuts and cupcakes to cookies and muffins. The business is a sole proprietorship, created and ran by Jessica Sharp. According to the article Hartford City Indiana Chamber of Commerce, Jessica was on the show “Cake Boss” Jessica was an avid viewer. She convinced her mom that she wanted to switch from crafting to baking, specifically cake decorating. It wasn’t long before her mother turned to the idea.

     Due to COVID, after conducting a virtual interview with Jessica she gave some interesting information about the business.

     The first question that she was asked was if she is happy with where her business is located. She replied saying, “When it comes to the location, I am happy that it is around the downtown area. However, I wish it was either on the square or along the highway. Either way, I am blessed!” 

     Then I asked where the name of her business came from. Who or what had an influence on why it is what it is. Jessica said, “The name Amazing Glaze was actually a family thing. My older brother suggested it and it just sort of stuck. My mom’s favorite hymn is Amazing Grace.... glaze..... boom. Amazing Glaze, how sweet the TASTE!”

     The next question that I asked her was what food and drinks they sell. Jessica wrote back, “We sell a variety of things such as donuts, jumbo cupcakes, jumbo brownies, cookies, cakes, cake pops, muffins and so much more.” They sell many drinks too, along the lines of coffee and a few special drinks that they have come up with on their own, such as Pink Passion and their Vanilla Iced Coffee. I also asked what the best seller out of everything she sells is. As expected the donuts are confirmed to be the best seller, but specifically the Samoa donut. This donut is made of vanilla cake and topped with chocolate icing, coconut flakes, and chocolate and caramel drizzle.

     After asking what she looks for in employees she replied with social skills. She made it clear that “kindness is key”, she wants her employees to be kind and friendly people. Also, “To be able to openly engage with each and every customer that walks through the door.”

     I also asked Jessica what drove her to create her own business, and why a bakery? She replied saying, “When I was younger, I took cake decorating in 4H. I was really good at it and always went to the State Fair. I loved the creative and artsy side of it so I just went with it. I always wanted to open a bakery in Hartford and I did! I graduated with honors, went to Ivy Tech In Indianapolis for Baking and Pastry Arts and Culinary Arts. I then made a business plan and the rest is history.”

     Also from the article, Hartford City Indiana Chamber of Commerce, before starting her business, first Jessica worked from home. She started just doing special occasions and particular requests from individuals. The cake that kick-started her bakery was for a baby shower. The article stated, “It was a baby shower theme, with a white base, green, blue, and yellow stripes and a molding of baby feet, safety pins, and pacifiers, and topped off with a crane carrying a baby cradled in a blanket.”

         Then I talked to senior Emily Huffman, one of the employees that work at the business. I first asked her why she decided to get a job at Amazing Glaze, and she said, “One day my mom and I were in the bakery eating and I overheard Jessica saying she needed someone to work weekends, and I had been wanting a job so I got an application that same day. The bakery is a very cute setup and I thought it was fitting for me.”

     I next asked Emily if the bakery is a good work environment. She replied, “Yes, my boss is very nice and she is laid back. This is my first job and it has been very fun. I have enjoyed working with all the employees at the bakery too. The job isn’t hard at all and I definitely recommend it to other people.

     I also asked Emily what kind of things she does while she works. Emily answered, “I am a cashier. I grab donuts for customers, help clean the bakery, and I help other workers when they need it. I don't bake anything though because I work on weekends only during the time we are open. I have helped with icing brownies and cupcakes a few times though.”

    The building is located at 101 E Main St. Suite 3. They have a drive-through located on the east side of the building, or they have open seating inside the building. The hours Monday-Friday are 6-am to 2-pm, but weekend hours are only 8-am to noon. The donuts sell out fast though, SO DON’T WAIT, get your donuts while they last!

     The Amazing Glaze bakery has a variety of different kinds of drinks and desserts. From donuts, cupcakes, cake pops, and brownies, to coffee and soft drinks. They also sell chocolate suckers and cakes.


The bakery sells many different kinds of donuts, but some of the ones they sell include, persian, chocolate cake, yeast iced, regular cake, peanut butter filled, glazed rings and twists, cinnamon sugar twists, lemon filled, strawberry filled, sweet cream-filled, tiger tails, blueberry cake, cinnamon rolls, etc.


The cupcakes include strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, german chocolate, and funfetti.

Cake Pops

The cake pop flavors are chocolate, vanilla, funfetti, oreo, and strawberry.


The brownies are all the same but they have different icing. They have brownies with chocolate frosting, vanilla frosting, strawberry frosting, and sometimes other colors such as red, orange, etc. 

     To sum up, everything that has been stated so far, the Amazing Glaze bakery is a self-made business. It is located in Town Villas on the Square. There are many different options on their menu, whether you choose to go for donuts, brownies, cupcakes or cake pops, etc. Based on what Jessica said in the article, the employees are kind, friendly people that are able to engage with every customer that walks in the door. The pastries and refreshments are great but don't wait last minute to visit, they sell out fast.

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