Do you want to buy a yearbook? Well, you can buy a yearbook today and they are only $60! You can get a yearbook at You could also get a yearbook signature package for $75.00, the package includes a yearbook, a personalized cover, a colored autograph section, and 5 multicolored signing markers. You can also buy special accessories for your yearbook, like different things including name plates, photo pockets, clear protective cases, etc. 

With the yearbook, there is a new method that Blackford Junior-Senior High School (BJSHS) is trying this year, and it’s called YBK+ where students can add their own 10 personalized pictures to their school picture. All you have to do is scan a code with your camera, on your phone, that’s at the beginning of the yearbook and then there, you can scan a student’s school picture and see their 10 pictures. 

It’s really easy to sign up to be able to put your personalized pictures in the yearbook! First, you want to go to the link and you sign up with your school email. Second, you want to go to your school email and input in the 4 digit code that they emailed you. Then you’re ready to start taking your pictures! 

You need a yearbook this year to remember all the good memories that happened this year and the new feature will make it even better! They are only $60 at the moment so you should get one while you have the chance!