Girls sample Thai food at BIS

Students have been counting down the days to the annual Taste of Thai extravaganza at BIS and this year's event did not disappoint!

Thanks to the kind generosity of Pradit Dawson, a native of Thailand and the sister-in-law of BIS 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Carma Reidy, students experienced a sampling of Thai dishes that included pork, sticky rice, a wonton and cookies. There was even an opportunity to sample some Thai sweet chili sauce, which received mixed reviews from the students. Overall, students enjoyed tasting the new cuisine. While not everyone liked everything,  many students enthusiastically returned  for seconds!

This is the 17th year of the Taste of Thai program in BCS. Assisting Mrs. Reidy and Mrs. Dawson included a host of family, friends and classroom volunteers who helped make the party a great chance to combine learning and fun! In addition to sampling the food, students learned about the Thai alphabet and other interesting facts about the country.  Students even learned how to write the word Thailand in Mrs. Dawson's language!

A big thank you to Pradit and Mark Dawson for making the trip to Blackford County every year to help share Pradit's culture with our students and staff.  Also, we'd like to extend a big thank you to Mrs. Carma Reidy and her volunteer army of family and friends for making this such a great experience for our students.