Bruin Bear


We need your help.

For staffing and planning purposes, it is imperative that we know the number of students who plan to participate in the BCS Virtual Option for the 2020-2021 school year. The deadline for registering students for the Virtual Option passed on July 17.  As of today (July 21), we are still receiving calls from parents who wish to enroll in the Virtual Option.

It's Last Call, folks.

We need to know by the end of the day, Thursday, July 23, if your student will be participating in the Virtual Option. Regardless of the decision, parents will still need to complete the online or in-person registration. If you plan for your student to attend the Virtual Option, please contact your student's school asap to let staff know:

BJSHS - 765.348.7560

BIS - 765.348.7595

Northside Elementary - 765.348.7584

Montpelier Elementary - 765.728.2402

Once again, the deadline for enrolling in the Virtual Option is Thursday, July 23.