School supplies

A message from Angela Smith regarding the Back to School Carnival:

To local parents of K-6 only: We, along with the generosity of churches and local businesses, have purchased 350 of these kits to be given away since this year’s back to school carnival has been cancelled. The kits are scheduled to be passed out on Tuesday, July 28 from 10 a.m. to noon. The kits all contain basic supplies and because of the expense, are limited to K-6 only on a first come, first served basis. We will be doing a drive up service at Montpelier School and volunteers will be handing these out to parents of students. Parents must bring a slip of paper with the student’s name, address, school and grade to receive a kit. There will be a door prize drawn from the names collected.

BACK TO SCHOOL ROUTE: Parents need to come in on Franklin Street from South Main Street. The route will move to Monroe Street in between the Civic Center and Montpelier School. Cars will be directed down the angled drive, then south only on Adams Street, turning left only to Washington Street. We will have people directing traffic, along with help of Montpelier City Police. As always, we anticipate a lot of cars and want everyone safe. Please be patient as we have a lot of volunteers doing this for your children! Please be sure to bring your kids names, grade, and school on separate sheets of paper as we have a limited amount of backpacks. We will draw names for those backpacks and I will deliver to the schools where you can pick up your child's backpack, if their name is selected. We are excited to see you on Tuesday! Please share this post for us!!