Congratulations to our 2022-2023 Blackford County Schools' retirees Mrs. Cissy Clock, Kindergarten teacher at BPS; Mr. Thurman Cook, an Instructional Assistant at BJSHS; Mr. Don Peden, the Head Custodian at BJSHS; and Mrs. Nancy Slentz, food service staff member at BPS. The staff members were recognized during the End of Year Breakfast held this morning at BJSHS by Superintendent Chad Yencer and Assistant Superintendent David Parker. Building principals Craig Campbell, Jim Fox and Jason Ridge shared a bit about what makes these individuals so special. (We included a retro photo of Mrs. Slentz doing what she did so well during her career at BCS... serving others with a smile!) If you see any of these people, please wish them well. They have worked hard to make a difference in the lives of the students of Blackford County Schools! Best wishes, Cissy, Thurman, Don and Nancy! Relax and enjoy the next chapter of your lives! You deserve it! ❤️ #BruinProud
3 days ago, Beth Jones
Cissy Clock and Chad Yencer
David Parker and Thurman Cook
Chad Yencer and Don Peden
Nancy Slentz
The BPS Kindness Club sent congratulatory cards to the Class of 2023! So kind! #Class of 2023 #BruinProud
4 days ago, Beth Jones
Seniors display their cards from the BPS Kindness Club
There were ROCK STARS at BPS today! Members of the Class of 2023 walked the halls today to the cheers of students in grades K-2! Way to go, Bruins, we are proud of you! (You made a positive impact on our Cubs today!) #ClassOf2023 #BruinProud
4 days ago, Beth Jones
A senior gives a BPS student a hug during the Senior Walk
Seniors walk the hallways at BPS
Senior Walk at BPS
Senior Walk 2023 - BPS
Industrial Fundamentals' student Nathan Elliott loads up his final project at BJSHS. According to his teacher, Mr. Rich Uggen, Nathan used computer aided design software (see image below) to design a parade platform for his antique tractor. He created a bill of materials and ordered the steel he needed. Though not completed, what is impressive is his ability to cut and weld this much in only a few 40 minute work sessions. Nice work, Nathan! #BetterAtBlackford
4 days ago, Beth Jones
Nathan Elliott works on his manufacturing project
Mrs. Carma Reidy's class is celebrating their last day of being 3rd graders at the BIS! They are having all kinds of fun during the BIS Field Day! Congratulations on all your hard work, Bruins! #BetterAtBlackford
4 days ago, Beth Jones
BPS 3rd grade boy celebrates
BIS 3rd grade students celebrate their accomplishments
Two 3rd grade students decorate the BIS
3rd graders play bingo in Mrs. Reidy's class
Future Bruin cheerleaders? 3rd grade students  practice their skills
3rd grader hulahoops while eating cotton candy
3rd grade girl practices her hula hoop skills
3rd graders laugh it up during lunch at BIS
Here are a few more scenes from yesterday's fun field day at BPS. Thank you to everyone who helped make this day possible for our students. They had a blast! #BetterAtBlackford
4 days ago, Beth Jones
First grade students race during Field Day
First graders play games during the BPS Field Day
It's tug of war with 1st graders at BPS
Students play under a parachute during BPS field day
Popsicles were a great way to spend some time outside at the BPS field day
It's a dance party at BPS!
First graders in Ms. Rachael Story's class at BPS celebrate the end of the school by getting their glow on! What a fun way to do lessons! Great job, Cubs! #BetterAtBlackford #EndOfSchool
4 days ago, Beth Jones
1st grader enjoys glow party
1st grader participates in a Glow Party
Mrs. Story's first grade class at BPS
Student works on lesson during glow party
1st grade students play tic tac toe during the glow party
Talk about beautiful weather for some outdoor fun! Our BPS Cubs celebrated the end of the school year with a field day! #BetterAtBlackford
5 days ago, Beth Jones
BPS students participate in Field Day
BPS prepares for field day
BPS Field Day
Students celebrated the end of school with a dance party
Our 3rd graders at BIS were celebrating with some end of school-year fun! #SoonToBe4thGraders
5 days ago, Beth Jones
3rd grade celebrates end of school year with  an outside party
Students enjoyed some watery fun at BPS yesterday as the school year winds to a close. (Yes, that really is Principal Craig Campbell getting doused with a bucket(s) of water!) Thank you to everyone who pitched in $ to help PTO purchase indoor toys for recess. We appreciate you!
5 days ago, Beth Jones
Craig Campbell gets water poured on his head
BPS students watch principal get dunked with water
Students prepare for the dunking of Mr. Campbell
Congratulations, Class of 2023! They were recognized yesterday for their accomplishments during Senior Honor Awards! We appreciate your hard work! Also, thank you to the Blackford County Community Foundation and all the generous donors to this important scholarship program.
6 days ago, Beth Jones
Principal Ridge congratulates Allison Jacobs
Principal Ridge opens the Senior Honor Awards
Monica Solga presents an award to Avalyn Williams
Students at BPS enjoyed some beach and camping activities while they were working on their lessons today! Looks like fun! #BetterAtBlackford
9 days ago, Beth Jones
Student enjoys a beach day in Mrs. Buettner's class at BPS
Girl and two boys enjoy beach day at BPS
boy sits under his tent desk
Students work under their desks
Congratulations to our Preschool Class of 2023... who, in a blink of an eye, will be members of the Class of 2036! We are proud of our preschool students! Way to go!!! #BetterAtBlackford
10 days ago, Beth Jones
Preschool graduation
What a wonderful day to go to the Zoo! Students in Mrs. Sheri Hangbers' 6th grade homeroom class at BIS take a moment to pose for a photo. Looking good, Bruins! #BetterAtBlackford
10 days ago, Beth Jones
6th grade students in Sheri Hangbers' homeroom class.
For your future planning.
10 days ago, Beth Jones
Head Start recruitment flyer
Our BJSHS Bruin Brew Crew took the joe on the road this morning with a Coffee Cafe at IU Health Blackford! What a nice treat for hospital staff! Great job, Bruins! #BetterAtBlackford
10 days ago, Beth Jones
Brew Crew staff prepare for Coffee Cafe
Brew Crew students set up coffee cafe at IU Health Blackford
Students prepare for the coffee cafe at IU Health Blackford
Brew Crew awaits customers at the Coffee Cafe at IU Health Blackford
A big thank you to everyone who helped make Career Day at BPS and BIS possible! They include: Timothy Lyles, Jennerjahn Engineering, Sarah Howard, Radiant Health; Kaylie Hayden Townsend, esthetician and small business owner; Todd Shoup, pilot; Whitney Osborn, travel nurse; New Indy Containerboard, VIA Credit Union, Carol Gebert, Chad King, mowing and lawn care; Laurie Overmyer, Ivy Tech welders, Sheri McDonald, and Shalee Myron. #BetterAtBlackford
12 days ago, Beth Jones
BIS Career Day - gardening
Career Day at BIS
Career Day - BIS
Career Day at BIS
Career Day - BIS
How much fun is this? Students in Mrs. Katie Barnes' at BPS kicked off their last full week as first graders with glow day! According to Mrs. Barnes, "The kids have worked so hard this year and I truly couldn’t be more proud of them. We are having different theme days this week to celebrate all of their hard work this year!" Keep up the good work, Cubs! #BetterAtBlackford
13 days ago, Beth Jones
Two first graders participate in Glow Day
Students play glow-in-the-dark
Mrs. Barnes class enjoys Glow Day
1st graders participate in glow party
Students work on glow tasks
Glow party participants in Mrs. Barnes'  class at BPS
Our 6th graders at BIS kicked off their day with our friends from Science Central. They learned about the sharks and their internal systems during a dissection activity. #ScienceCentral #BetterAtBlackford
13 days ago, Beth Jones
BIS 6th grade students dissect sharks with Science Central staff
Shark dissection take place at BIS
Science Central shares a lesson on shark dissection for BIS 6th graders
Seniors Peyton James and Ethan Gee show off this week's project. The baseball team’s step ladder they used to chase foul balls was falling apart. These Advanced Manufacturing students reverse engineered the old ladder and constructed this one to take its place. Nice work!
16 days ago, Beth Jones
Two students use the step ladder they made in manufacturing class