Thank you, Tony Uggen, for your service as Athletic Director at BJSHS! Tony joined BCS in 2013. We appreciate his enthusiasm, energy, and effort in building a top-notch sports program for our students. We wish him the best in retirement. Thank you for everything, Mr. Uggen!
27 days ago, Beth Jones
Tony Uggen and Chad Yencer
Thank you to our students, parents, teachers and staff for a great year! #LastDayofSchool
about 1 month ago, Beth Jones
Kids running out of school
Super soaked! Principal Craig Campbell and School Counselor Tiffany Ickes-Pauley were good sports yesterday as buckets of water were dumped on their heads at Northside School to celebrate the end of the school year!
about 1 month ago, Beth Jones
Tiffany Ickes Pauley has water dumped on her head
Tiffany Ickes Pauley reacts to getting doused with water
Principal Craig Campbell has water dumped on his head
Craig Campbell and Tiffany Ickes Pauley wave at students
There's nothing like a beach party to kick off the last day of school at BJSHS! (Our local beach bums are teachers Aaron Bagley and Holden Berlin.) Way to kick off the day with some beach vibes! #BetterAtBlackford
about 1 month ago, Beth Jones
Aaron Bagley and Holden Berlin beach party
Last school day beach party
A big thank you to everyone who came out for last night's Kindergarten Graduation! Best wishes to the girls and boys in the Class of 2034! Next stop? First grade at Blackford Primary School!
about 1 month ago, Beth Jones
Kindergarten graduation
BCS Summer Food Service Program information 👇
about 1 month ago, Beth Jones
Summer Food Service Information
Students in Mrs. Terese Zirkle's art classes at Northside and BIS have been busy! Check out their handiwork! Great job, Bruins!
about 1 month ago, Beth Jones
Student with art show sign
breakfast art
student artwork
student artwork trees
How much fun is it when your teacher turns your classroom into a camp out? Check out our 1st graders in Mrs. Jessica Shroyer's class at Northside as they do their studying with tents and flashlights! So much fun! #BetterAtBlackford
about 1 month ago, Beth Jones
girl reads a book in her classroom tent
3 kids do their studies in tents
Mrs. Shroyer reads a book to her camper students
Colorful tents in a first grade classroom
Come out and support the Lady Bruin Volleyball Team!
about 1 month ago, Beth Jones
Volleyball team carwash flyer
BCS is looking for an outstanding junior high math teacher to join our team at BJSHS. If you are a math teacher or know one, BCS offers great pay and benefits. Join us! #BetterAtBlackford
about 1 month ago, Beth Jones
Kid and woman doing math on a chalkboard
Hey ya'll! Come on out to the MES gym tonight to watch the 3rd & 4th grades perform the Wild West musical "Yee-Haw!" This will be the last school concert to be performed in the gym and it will be a night to remember. The program begins at 6:30, so ya'll come out now, y'hear? 🤠
about 1 month ago, Beth Jones
Kids drawing with sidewalk chalk
Check out the list of Scholarships and Honors
about 1 month ago, Beth Jones
Class of 2022 thanks
Welcome to Kidsville - Population Mrs. Julia Duncan's class! Students in Mrs. Duncan's first grade class at Northside have been busy working on their Community Day projects for STEM. Students researched different jobs that they could do in the community and worked on engineering a box into a building that goes along with their job. What a fun lesson! #Kidsville
about 1 month ago, Beth Jones
First grade students making Kidsville
First grade students create a city in their classroom
First grade student creates a school out of a box
The first graders in Mrs. Amanda Wolfe's class at Northside are simply glowing! Yesterday, students were able to glow and show what they know! What a fun way to learn!
about 1 month ago, Beth Jones
First graders pose in black light
First graders do work under a black light
It was Career Day yesterday at Northside Elementary with a number of special guests (all former BHS graduates) sharing about what they do for a living. Guests included: Andy Carvel, Hartford City Public Works; Olivia (Cale) Messer, Granny's Bloomers; Amy Smith, Hartford City Public Library, Ed Thurman, WPGW Radio; and Melany (Rarey) Sherril, personal trainer. Thank you to everyone who made this a special day of learning for our students!
about 1 month ago, Beth Jones
Amy Smith from the Hartford City Public Library
Ed Thurman of WPGW talks to students about his career in radio
Andy Carvel - Hartford City Public Works
Olivia Cale Messer arranges flowers
Camp Read-A-Lot has been underway in Mrs. Cristi Aulbach's 2nd grade class at Northside. According to Mrs. Aulbach, students have enjoyed their classroom transformed into a camping wonderland! They have been reading with finger flashlights under their "tents" as they complete their camp-related reading and math activities. Why, there's even s'more snack mix to add to the adventure! What an excellent way to end an amazing 2nd grade year! Way to go, Cubs!
about 1 month ago, Beth Jones
4 2nd grade students working in tents
2nd graders work on homework under tents
3 smiling 2nd graders working on tents
2nd grade classroom Camp Read A Lot
Check out what's underway in Mr. Rich Uggen's Advanced Manufacturing class at BJSHS! Way to go, Bruins! #BetterAtBlackford
about 1 month ago, Beth Jones
Students demonstrating marble sorting machine in advanced manufacturing
Congratulations to the senior members of the BJSHS Band who were recognized during last night's concert. The include (from left) Eli Leach, Abby McDonald, Paige Zachariah, Jeremiah Clark, Evan Watt, Gabe Foster, Anya Uggen, and Sissy McNeal. Proud of your hard work, Bruins!
about 1 month ago, Beth Jones
BJSHS senior band members at the spring concert
Character Ed was on the agenda during last night's school board meeting. The 2022 BCS Character Ed Recipients of the Year are (from left) Janelle Slusher, BIS; Colton Abbott, MES; and Luis Velasquez, BIS; Sophia Ehrhart, MES recipient, was unable to attend. Congrats, everyone!
about 1 month ago, Beth Jones
3 Character Ed students
Here are more scenes from Cissy Clock's Teacher of the Year ceremony at Northside Elementary School today. #BetterAtBlackford #TeacherOfTheYear
about 1 month ago, Beth Jones
Superintendent Yencer and Cissy Clock
Principal Craig Campbell and Cissy Clock
Cissy Clock hugging Carly Clock
Kindergarten audience