#ThreeDayWeekend #NoSchoolMonday
3 months ago, Beth Jones
Labor Day reminder
BCS will operate on a 2 hour delay due to fog Thursday 8/31/23. Be Safe Bruins!
3 months ago, Chad Yencer
Congratulations to BJSHS seniors (from left) Maleah Limle, Allison Clamme, Patience Campbell and Charleston Slentz for earning academic honors from Big Future National Rural & Small Awards program because of their grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 or higher and their outstanding performance on the PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10. and/or AP exams. Great job, Bruins! #BetterAtBlackford
3 months ago, Beth Jones
Academic awards winners Maleah Limle, Allison Clamme, Patience Campbell, and Charleston Slentz
Check out the latest job openings at BCS. If you or someone you know are interested in applying, send a letter of interest and resume to the contact listed. Join us! https://core-docs.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/asset/uploaded_file/1299/BCS/3452853/Job_Opportunities_8-22-2023.pdf
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Help Wanted
Please help us fill these important positions within Blackford County Schools! Join us! #BetterAtBlackford
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BCS seeks Transportation Aides
That dog is definitely grinning! And why wouldn't he be? He and a fellow canine buddy, along with their trainers from Ultimate Canine, stopped by BPS for a visit and a cuddle! According to our friends at BPS, a great time was had by all! #BetterAtBlackford
4 months ago, Beth Jones
Dog from Ultimate Canine visits BPS
Students pet a dog from Ultimate Canine
Dogs from Ultimate Canine visited
Puppy poses before Kindergarten sign at BPS
BCS seeks bus drivers. Join our outstanding Transportation Team! (Please help us spread the word!)
4 months ago, Beth Jones
School Bus Driver Ad
A special message from BJSHS Health Careers teacher Mrs. Yvette Rouch: Thank you to the First Presbyterian Church of Hartford City for donating hygiene supplies to the Health Career's Bear Necessities hygiene program. Cabinets are placed in areas of the school that allow students access to free hygiene products, as well as basic school supplies that might be needed. Thank you again for your generosity! ❤️
4 months ago, Beth Jones
Items donated to the Bear Necessities
Oh, hey! It's the third grade team from Blackford Intermediate School! (From left) Elizabeth Kauerauf, Kari Crouse, Amanda Johnson, Rachael Shadiow, Carma Reidy and Emily Stephens. We wish our third graders (and their teachers) an outstanding school year! #BackInBlackford
4 months ago, Beth Jones
Third grade team at BIS
Meet the first grade team at Blackford Primary School! (From left) Jennifer Fisher, Julia Hiatt, Jessica Shroyer, Amanda Wolfe and Rachael Story. Here's to an outstanding year for our first grade students... and their amazing teachers! #BackInBlackford
4 months ago, Beth Jones
First grade squad at BPS
The first day at Blackford County Schools is in the books! Thanks to our students, parents and staff for making it an outstanding first day! #BackAtBlackford
4 months ago, Beth Jones
End of the day at BPS
Kids getting on the bus
We'd like to welcome our newest Bruins to the block! This Kindergartener at BPS represents the Class of 2036!☺️ #BackInBlackford
4 months ago, Beth Jones
Kindergartener on the first day
We need your help. Last school year, we had way too many stop arm violations. (People driving on by when a bus has its stop-arm out.) Someone is going to get hurt... and we don't want it to be one of our students. We ask everyone to pay close attention when our buses are stopped. If the stop-arm is out, it means STOP!🛑
4 months ago, Beth Jones
School Bus Stop Arm
We're BACK... and it's going to be a GREAT school year! #BackInBlackford
4 months ago, Beth Jones
Students in class
Assistant Principal Chaz Gabrial assists a student at his locker
First Day of school in Kassidy Martin's class
Thank you to all our students and their families who stopped by the Meet the Teacher Night at the BIS. We sure appreciate you and hope everyone has a great first day back at school! #BackInBlackford
4 months ago, Beth Jones
Teachers distribute popsicles at Meet the Teacher event
Meet the Teacher at the BIS
Meet the Teacher Night at the BIS
We've been sharing transportation information today in anticipation of tomorrow's first day of school. Here are the 2023-2024 bus stops AM/PM information. https://core-docs.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/asset/uploaded_file/1299/BCS/3367266/Bus_Stop_Times_23-24_-_Stops.pdf
4 months ago, Beth Jones
School Bus drop off
Our Bus Aides are an important part of the transportation experience on some of our BCS buses. We sure appreciate all they do for us! Meet Carla Gray, Mary Townsend, Sandy Cain and Teresa Teer, just a few of our outstanding Bus Aides! #BackInBlackford
4 months ago, Beth Jones
Carla Gray
Mary Townsend
Sandy Cain
Teresa Teer
Meet Stephanie McCaffery, Kim Pitts, Liz Hornbaker and Ted Cain- BCS school bus drivers and members of the our Transportation Department. Please be on the look-out for our buses and drivers as we begin transporting students to and from school. We ask for your patience during the first week or so as we work out the bus schedules. #BackInBlackford
4 months ago, Beth Jones
Stephanie McCaffery
Kim Pitts
Liz Hornbaker
Ted Cain
A big thank you to everyone who came out to Meet the Teacher at BPS and BJSHS last night. A reminder that BIS will conduct its Meet the Teacher Night this evening from 5 to 6 p.m. Come say hello to Mr. Fox and the BIS team! #BackInBlackford
4 months ago, Beth Jones
Meet the Teacher Night at BPS
Meet the Teacher Night at BPS
Meet the Teacher Nigh at BPS
Meet the Teacher Night at BJSHS
Meet Amanda Banter, Amy Storer, Angela Wheeler and Chuck Rogers. They are just a few of the Blackford County Schools bus drivers who will be taking to the road tomorrow to pick-up and deliver students. Our drivers are your family, friends and neighbors. We ask that as school begins, you have patience with them and be on the look-out for them as they begin transporting Blackford County's most precious cargo! #BetterAtBlackford
4 months ago, Beth Jones
Amanda Banter
Amy Storer
Angela Wheeler
Chuck Gray